Spinal Evaluation

Spinal Evaluation

When you visit one of our ChiroPro locations for a spinal evaluation, you’ll immediately notice that our process is unlike any other doctor you see.  What sets us apart is that we are thorough, yet very conscious of the importance of your time. Because chiropractors search for the root cause of your complaint instead of simply seeking to mask your complaint with medicine, you’ll notice our consultation and exam is geared toward finding that root cause(s).  We do all testing in-house (including necessary x-ray).  This saves you time, money, and frustration.

Your Spinal Evaluation at ChiroPro

Your comprehensive spinal evaluation at ChiroPro will be divided into three parts—an intake of your case history, a consultation, and physical evaluation.  Unlike many doctors, ours will also go over the findings of your exam with an in-person Report of Findings.

The Consultation

We will sit down with you to discuss your complaints. Be prepared to answer questions about your pain and symptoms, like how long you have experienced them for and how often, where you feel the pain, things that bring you pain relief, things that worsen the pain, and of course, a description of the pain.

Case History

Briefing your chiropractor on your relevant history is crucial to a comprehensive spinal evaluation. We will be looking for information on your personal medical history and any sort of treatments you’ve received or are currently receiving, your family medical history, nutritional habits, lifestyle choices, and so on. Your chiropractor may delve deeper into these categories, or ask for further information in order to gauge the full picture.  One awesome benefit is that the case history starts in the comfort of your own help with our convenient online case history (new patient) forms.  We have paper forms available upon request which can be printed at home, at work, or in our office prior to your visit.

The Physical Evaluation

There are many methods of examination your chiropractor could use to evaluate your spine, most of which will be determined by your answers to your consultation questions and your case history. In order to determine which parts of your spine are in need of chiropractic treatment, your chiropractor will likely employ palpation techniques to find which segments are restricted in their mobility.

It is also possible to undergo a few other diagnostic tests during your spinal evaluation. For example, your chiropractor may want to take some x-rays to see the positioning of your vertebra.

You can be sure that your spinal evaluation at ChiroPro will be thorough and meticulous. Your chiropractic care and recovery is our number one priority.