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    Columbia Chiropractic Care, IL

    For many patients in the United States, visiting a chiropractor is one of the best ways to receive pain management without requiring medication. At ChiroPro, our mission is to help individuals struggling with chronic pain and discomfort alleviate their suffering through careful manipulation of the musculoskeletal system. We currently offer our services to a variety of locations, including Columbia, IL.

    What Is a Chiropractor?

    A chiropractor is a licensed professional who receives education and training on spinal manipulation and the benefits of treating the musculoskeletal system. We practice an alternative form of pain management that focuses on addressing deep-seated issues in the neck, back, spine, and shoulders.

    What Is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

    During an adjustment, our chiropractor applies a measured amount of force on a specific joint. The gentle force may cause the joint to “pop,” which releases built-up gas and tension.  The adjustment helps to restore motion and nerve activity as well as relieve tension, pain, and stiffness.

    Services Available

    We offer a broad range of services focused on helping our patients achieve optimal health and wellness. These include:

    • Basic chiropractic care
    • Headache relief
    • Infant care
    • Local therapy and rehab
    • Help with personal injuries
    • Physiotherapy
    • Pregnancy care
    • Spinal evaluation
    • Spinal manipulation

    What Is Physiotherapy?

    Physiotherapy is the treatment of pain or disease through physical methods. Some examples of physiotherapy offered by ChiroPro include massage, heat treatment, and exercise to loosen tension in the musculoskeletal system and strengthen the muscles so they can support the body.

    Pregnancy and Infant Care

    Few people realize that chiropractic care is available to a broad range of individuals, including pregnant women and young infants. For pregnant women, chiropractic care is done to help realign the body as it adjusts to the growing child within. Some treatments can even help align the body or make it easier to give birth.

    For infants, chiropractic care is offered to treat acid reflux and similar conditions, which make your child uncomfortable. Since chiropractic care does not use medication, it is ideal for young children. The force used during this process is reduced.

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