Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy should be one of the most enjoyable times in a woman’s life. Unfortunately for most women, this special time is often marked by pain associated with the body changes a woman goes through during pregnancy.  More than 50% of women report back pain, hip pain, and headaches.

Fortunately, ChiroPro offers pregnancy-specific chiropractic care that targets these issues.  This care is designed to address pregnancy-specific alignment issues responsible for the pain.  Because our approach requires no medication or surgery and because it is safe and gentle to both mom and baby, many Ob/Gyn doctors recommend chiropractic care in our offices!

The Chiropractic Advantage During Pregnancy

Pregnant women who are under chiropractic care during pregnancy stay ahead of the game.  Their bodies rapidly change and chiropractic meets those changes with proper proactive treatment.  As the body grows and the center of gravity changes, the spine faces a lot of forces that cause stress and pain.

How Chiropractic Benefits Your Baby During Pregnancy

One of the greatest advantages for chiropractic patients during pregnancy is that chiropractors proactively address fetal position by helping the shape, size, and pliability of the uterus is optimal to allow for the baby to become positioned appropriately.  Many moms associate pregnancy under chiropractic with less pain during pregnancy and a delivery which is easier.

Webster Technique

Many women seek the Webster Technique (or similar methods) to ensure their baby is able to move into the proper birthing position.  If you have been told that your baby is not in the correct position for delivery or if you want to proactively address birthing position, we highly encourage that you speak to your ChiroPro doctor for a consultation.

Results differ from mother-to-mother and our doctors will recommend the correct follow-up when necessary.