Pregnancy Care

During pregnancy, it is not unusual for an expecting mom to experience aches and pains in her hips and back—especially in the lower back. More specifically, at least 50 percent of pregnant women report this type of pain prior to delivering.

Fortunately for the pregnant women in our communities, we offer chiropractic care for moms-to-be at ChiroPro. There are many advantages to chiropractic pregnancy care that you may not already be hip to that can benefit not only you – the mother – but your baby as well.  We hope this information will help you understand why many Ob/Gyn doctors recommend chiropractic care as well as choose it for themselves and their families.

How Chiropractic Pregnancy Care Benefits You

The changes a pregnant mother undergoes are not just hormonal, but physical as well. As the baby grows, your comfort and posture are affected. When the baby gets bigger, gravity starts working against you, throwing your center off. As your posture changes, your spine and joints can easily become misaligned.

The pregnant form is also susceptible to hyper curvature of the back as the belly grows more and more protruding, which is inevitably uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Furthermore, as the body braces itself for labor, the pelvis changes and moves in ways that you’ve never experienced before.

All of these issues and more can all be managed at ChiroPro with regular visits during your pregnancy. More than 75 percent of pregnant chiropractic patients report improvements to their condition.

If nausea is a problem for you during pregnancy, chiropractic pregnancy care is excellent for controlling these symptoms, as well.

How Chiropractic Pregnancy Care Benefits Your Baby

Your growing baby can be negatively impacted by an ever-changing pelvis shape and positioning, should the amount of space your baby has to develop become restricted. Intrauterine constraint can lead to birth defects and can be avoided with chiropractic pregnancy care.

Another pelvic issue that can cause problems when it comes time for labor and delivery is that a misaligned pelvis can obstruct your baby from falling into the ideal position for birth—head down and facing back. With chiropractic therapy, the pelvic region can be realigned, preparing you and your baby for a healthy and comfortable birth.

Women who get chiropractic pregnancy care tend to have easier births and spend less time in labor.

Webster Technique

If you have been told that your baby is not in the appropriate birthing position, we recommend that you see one of our skilled chiropractors who can assess and treat your sacrum, hips, lower back, and pelvis.  Utilizing standard chiropractic techniques in conjunction with the Webster Technique, our doctors can often help improve intrauterine shape and tone to help your baby reposition naturally into a safer birthing position.  Using this technique, our founder’s (Dr. Rice) wife was able to have her twin babies both flip from a “breach position” to the normal birthing position within just three treatments.  Results invariably differ from mother-to-mother and our doctors will recommend medical follow-up when necessary.  Our goal is to help give mom’s an upper hand during the delivery of their precious babies.

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