Preceptors Welcome!

ChiroPro is excited to announce that it has a home for students who wish to expand their preceptor experience during the end phase of their Chiropractic Education!

INTRODUCING: The Preceptor Step Program™ (PSP) ChiroPro will be glad to meet with any student interested in becoming a precepting student at one of our eligible locations! In addition to a standard preceptorship, we have a very beneficial program for those students who would like to consider employment following graduation! The Preceptor Step Program™ (PSP) is perfect for any student that wants to ensure they are able to get more than the minimum required experience for graduation! Our PSP students enter their preceptorship like any other precept student and will get the observational and practical experience required from the school, but in addition, they will observe and be trained with the same on-the-job training offered to associate physicians and/or clinic directors. Some of the training includes:

  • How to lead a team
  • How to run a productive meeting
  • Understanding clinic and business statistics
  • Community outreach and marketing (internal and external)
  • ChiroPro systems, scripts, etc.
  • ChiroPro standardized diagnosis and treatment protocols
  • Access to Mentor Doctors
  • Coaching with a master of systems

PSP is perfect for any student who wishes to make ChiroPro their permanent career as well as those looking to open their own successful clinic after a couple of years with ChiroPro.

PSP students will take part in choosing their level of training. Some may decide they want to practice as an associate doctor. Others will want to advance their experience to include Clinic Director training to give them more opportunity to become the Leader of a clinic. PSP students who choose this route can become a clinic director in under 6 months after graduation in cases where a position is available!

Anyone interested in either the standard preceptor program or PSP should contact Dr. Rice at 618-234-8300 or