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Hello Doctors! My name is Rob Rice. I am the owner of ChiroPro – a chiropractic company with several offices in the St. Louis and Metro-East region (both IL and MO). I have been practicing for 13 years and have been blessed with incredible growth. I am looking primarily for two things:

(1.) Doctors who may be looking to sell their practices and/or
(2.) Doctors who, for any reason, may be looking to join an incredible practice.

What helps us to stand out is that we are in a great growth mode. We are primarily targeting doctors to fill associate positions which lead to clinic director positions. The reason this is great is because if you take all of the things you love about chiropractic, you keep those without the headaches NO ONE likes. You won’t have to worry about hiring, firing, payroll, or excessive marketing. Essentially, this is a “turnkey” or “plug and play” scenario.

Some other things that make us stand out:

  • Our offices are beautiful and have a fully trained staff! Our teams are completely trained in the Integrity Doctors System and have strong Core Chiropractic Values!
  • Doctors will have a fully-equipped office!
  • Our doctors will have access to a coach to help ensure their success.
  • Our doctors will have a mentor doctor to help them navigate practice!
  • Our doctors will have access to four free Integrity Conferences each year.
  • Our doctors have a successful practice representative who is already trained and will provide the clinic with new patients.
  • All training is provided! The full Integrity Doctors System and Resources will be available!
  • Our doctors will have a competitive starting salary!

As you can see, our doctors will be able to focus on what they love doing: treating patients without the burdensome tasks of ownership and management! We had our doctors everything they need to be successful!

Another important note – our teams and clinics all have a deep sense of comradery and fraternity because we are one team propelling a vital change in healthcare – to see more meaningful use of Quality Family Chiropractic care in our communities! Together, we will ensure that eighty percent of our population are undergoing regular chiropractic wellness care.

If you or someone you know may be interested in learning more, please forward this information to them as I would love the opportunity to discuss it with them. Of course, all conversations will be held in strict confidence! I hope this letter has found you well. Thank you for your time!


Dr. Robert B. Rice


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