Thank you for your interest in becoming a ChiroPro Doctor!

We believe our associate doctors have the absolutely best position you can have in the Chiropractic World.  That is because our entire construct is focused on taking all of the GREAT things people LOVE about being a chiropractor while removing those things that we all dread.  To add to this, our doctors are truly able to be proud to be ChiroPro doctors because we have earned an incredible reputation for excellence in care, employment enjoyment, positive workplace culture, and success-oriented systems!

When considering a position, here are a few things of which I hope you will take note:

  • Our core values are the absolute foundation in our clinics.  We put Chiropractic First in the center of it all.  Add in leadership, responsibility, wow service, passion, and integrity and you will realize how this foundation is able to support largely-successful clinics.
  • Our offices have systems in place to guarantee success.  We train our staff to master the system to ensure that each member of our team is a strong member that is able to support our purpose.
  • Our clinics are beautiful, clean, and well-equipped.  No one can leave work proud when they practice in a clinic with broken fixtures or if the clinic is not presentable.  Our clinics are designed for patient flow and to ensure patients and members of the team have a clean and beautiful clinic which is conducive to healing.
  • Our workplace culture is the envy of our colleagues and competitors.  We are often asked how we are able to attract such great members of the team who are purpose-driven.  Our workplace culture creates an environment that draws positive people in while repelling negative people outward.
  • An elite mentor is always there to help.  Our offices are filled with successful doctors, chiropractic assistants, and practice representatives.  Our doctors are part of an amazing team where everyone wants everyone else to succeed.
  • Our practice representatives are top-notch and are amazing at what they do!  They help our offices to succeed and grow which gives our doctors and staff time to do what they were born to do — change the health of our world through safe, affordable, and quality chiropractic care.  We cannot expect our doctors to market the practice and treat the patients on a regular basis simultaneously.


Our purpose is our “what.”  It answers “what are you here for?”  It is simple, beautiful, and fulfilling.  Our purpose is to lead eighty percent of our population to wellness chiropractic care.


Our why is a little more involved than our purpose.  Our why answers “why is your purpose to lead 80% of our population to wellness chiropractic care?”  This is where the beauty of it all lies.  Simply, we must do this in order to affect a meaningful change in our healthcare system.  Here are some facts that back up our why.

  1. PROBLEM: Every year, more than 70,000 people die from opioid-related causes.  This is 200 people per day approximately.  This isn’t just about the pour souls lost because of an avoidable drug; it is also about the countless loved ones they leave behind – the parents, children, churchgoers, coworkers, and friends.
    SOLUTION: People who choose chiropractic first are 49% less likely to be prescribed an opioid to begin with.
  2. PROBLEM: The third leading cause of death, according to a CDC report in 2016, is medical error.  Around 250,000 people die in the US every year from this cause (that’s 684 per day).  This can be from prescribing harmful medications, adverse effects of surgeries, prescribing two medications that interact fatally, missing a vital diagnosis, neglect, and other causes.  This is not an anti-medical sentiment.  The practice of medicine is necessarily complex and risky.
    SOLUTION: Chiropractic is safe and effective.  It helps people to prevent medications and surgeries when possible.  Though it won’t prevent them all, chiropractors are part of a conservative movement to reduce the risks of medical errors and deaths.
  3. PROBLEM: The leading cause of bankruptcies is medical debt.  Every year, more people apply for bankruptcy protection to wipe out medical debt than any other type of debt.  In fact, there’s nothing actually close in second place.  Imagine going in for an $85,000 surgery (all expenses billed) and being told your insurance covers all related costs.  The day of the surgery, the anesthesiologist is unable to attend the surgery and a replacement is made.  They are out of network and 30 days later, you get a bill for $3,500.  Also, the type of surgery is defined as experimental and the hospital originally researched the wrong code.  You now owe an additional $18,000.  You also have a $5,000 deductible and 20% coinsurance after the deductible is met up to your out-of-pocket expense of $5,000 per year.  This surgery is at a cost to you of $31,500.  Not many people can front such a staggering bill.
    SOLUTION: Chiropractic is affordable.  We can’t prevent every surgery but people who choose chiropractic first are much less likely to require one.  Compare the typical back surgery which ranges between $80,000 – $150,000 to a typical chiropractic treatment plan which ranges between $800 – $1,200.
  4. PROBLEM: The second leading cause of divorce in the US is related to money problems.  In the US, only infidelity causes more divorce than money problems.
    SOLUTION: Getting the whole family under chiropractic care will save money and stress in the long-run!

Conclusion: our purpose to get 80% of our population under chiropractic care is going to improve quality of life, reduce medical-error deaths, reduce bankruptcies, and even save marriages.  There are many chiropractic offices hiring and looking for associates.  However, among them are PI mills, stagnate offices, and offices that engage in illegal billing schemes.  The problems with these office environments is that the purpose becomes money and ease.  This is a poor motivator and doesn’t really result in much employment enjoyment in the long term.

Thankfully with ChiroPro, you will always be a part of a team that is part of the solution to the problems surrounding healthcare in our world.


There are many opportunities available depending on the stage in a chiropractic professional’s career!

We participate in the preceptorship programs for Logan University and Life University.  We have developed a Preceptor Steps Program (PSP) to help preceptors get more than just the “basic requirements” for hours and patient interactions.  PSP helps students transition into gainfully-employed ChiroPro Doctors right after graduation!  What is even better is that our preceptors are able to use their time with us to train in systems which means that they can actually fast-track into Clinic Directors!

Whether a doctor comes to us while they are still a student or after graduation — whether they are a previous associate or a former clinic owner — our associates are able to assimilate and integrate quickly to become a ChiroPro Doctor and begin treating our patients, helping them to get well and live quality lives.  Our associates enjoy all of the great things there is to enjoy with being a doctor of chiropractic without all of the worries, struggles, and stresses of clinic ownership.

Our Clinic Directors (Integrity Doctors “SuperDoctor”) positions are the top level treating doctors in our company.  Each clinic is lead primarily by a Clinic Director.  The SuperDoctor (Clinic Director) is able to enjoy everything that an associate ChiroPro Doctor enjoys — but with some additional leadership responsibilities.  The greatest success and sense of accomplishment that ChiroPro Doctors have revolve around the role of SuperDoctor — leading a team of CAs, doctors, PRs, etc. to become successful and helping them to lead patients into wellness chiropractic care.  The Clinic Director has all of the treatment roles as Associates so they always get to enjoy the wonders of the chiropractic adjustment!


Interested in the next step?

If you are interested in becoming a preceptor, associate, or clinic director, I urge that you call, text, or email Dr. Rice.
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