JP Mawi

Doctorate Student – Shiloh, Lake St. Louis

Meet JP Mawi

Hello, and welcome! My name is JP Mawi, and I am a chiropractic student at Logan University completing my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. I am currently a doctorate student at ChiroPro at our Shiloh and Lake Saint Louis locations. I am very excited to help everyone in these communities increase their quality of life through chiropractic.

Before coming to Logan, I received my Bachelor’s in Allied Health at Graceland University. I was also an NAIA collegiate volleyball player there as well. I learned more about chiropractic through a trainer/professor who also went to Logan University. As volleyball players, we were susceptible to sprained ankles and overuse shoulder injuries. Our trainer did a great job at helping us prevent these injuries by getting ahead of the problem. He showed me how the body can help itself in preventing future pain and injuries. I already knew I wanted to be in a profession where I could make a difference in people’s health and then chiropractic came to me.

I was born and raised locally in Saint Peters and have always loved my community. Outside of chiropractic, I enjoy golfing, working out, watching documentaries, and spending time with my family.