Dr. Adrian Munoz

Clinic Director – ChiroPro Eureka

Meet Adrian Munoz

Hello! My name is Dr. Adrian Munoz. I graduated from Logan University with my Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic Medicine. I was born in Chicago Illinois and came down to Southern Illinois to go to Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville (SIUE) so that I can obtain my Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science.

Growing up, I participated in a lot of sports such as baseball, football, and wrestling. While playing the many sports I enjoyed, I often suffered various sports-related injuries. Of the injuries, I had one where I was hurt so badly that I was unable to bend over to pick up a pencil. With another injury, I had pain shooting down my arm and into my fingers. This is where my love for Chiropractic began; my doctor was always able to heal me from my injuries and pain as well as stabilizing my spine so I could prevent these injuries from happening again.

To this day, I still enjoy sports. I am an “StL” fan through and through – enjoying a Cardinals or Blues game when I can. I also enjoy watching Mixed Martial Arts on television. During the summer, I enjoy a good game of Sand Volleyball and I also enjoy boating! Though St. Louis doesn’t get quite as much snow as Chicago does, I do really enjoy a good snow day! I also get very excited for holidays; though I don’t have a favorite, Christmas is pretty wonderful!

I wake up excited every day to go to work knowing that I will help someone heal from pain, prevent them from becoming injured, and improving their overall quality of life. I cannot wait to meet you!