Precaution Measures to Take When Visiting a Chiropractor During COVID-19

Precaution Measures to Take When Visiting a Chiropractor During COVID-19

If you suffering from a condition that may benefit from chiropractic care such as sciatica pain, you may be faced with the difficult decision to either stay safe at home and in pain or seeking help and risk contacting COVID-19. However, there is no telling when the world will return to normal and thus the need to re-adjust our behaviors and continue with life routine while staying safe. Therefore, rather than stay at home and suffer, it is advised that you still seek the care you need whilst practicing great caution. And this is not just for chiropractic treatment, you should seek healthcare services whenever there is need so that you do not succumb to other illnesses in the fear of contracting COVID-19. Healthcare is categorized as an essential need and so it is still available, although with some reservations.

if you are wondering what kind of precaution is required during a visit to the chiropractor near you, we explain them below in detail.

Social Distance

The social distancing rule applies at all times, even during your chiropractic visit. Every facility needs to regulate the number of people within its buildings at all times. This involves limiting the number of patients that make an appointment in a day or having walk-in clients call prior to their arrival. At ChiroPro in Columbia, IL, only a certain number of people are allowed in the clinic at one given time. if the facility has the maxim number of people, counting both doctors and patients, you will be put on a pre-check list and wait to be notified on when you can come in. In the waiting room, patients need to sit a few feet apart. Patients are also discouraged from bringing company with them, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Sanitation and Hygiene

Sanitation and hygiene are also of great importance to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. All clinic surfaces should be sanitized regularly. Consultation rooms need to be sanitized after a patient leaves the room and doctors also need to sanitize their hands before attending to a patient. Protective gear such as masks and gloves should be worn at all times and disposed properly.

It is also necessary for patients to have masks on at all times when receiving chiropractic care in Columbia. The mask should be properly worn to cover the nose and mouth. Makes sure the chiropractic office provides you with sanitizer or clean water and soap to wash your hands before you get in. You can also carry a sanitizer of your own to use whenever you touch surfaces.

Stay at Home if Sick

Anyone that experiences flu like symptoms should not go the clinic until a day after they feel better. This applies to both the patients and chiropractors. To be safe during these times, most chiropractors suggest that only patients that are in dire need visit them. Conditions like sciatic, numbness or muscle loss are considered serious and need in-person appointments. However, for mild issues like muscle pain, slight stiffness or those seeking routine check-ups, they can consider telemedicine.

Chiropractic is a hands-on practice but a lot can still be done through telemedicine. Chiropractic services that you can access remotely include;

  • Range of motion therapy
  • Rehab services
  • Assessment of symptoms and evaluation of a patient’s progress
  • Postural stretching techniques
  • Basic primary care services

The great news is that some health insurance companies understand the need for such measures and are seen covering patients that opt for telehealth chiropractic care.

Currently, there is no known cure for COVID-19. Our safety and health are therefore a personal responsibility. Follow chiropractors and patients should follow the guidelines given by WHO at all times without any compromise. If you suspect that you could be infected, call the relevant authorities immediately and you will be properly advised on what steps to take. Patients should only visit chiropractors that have put safety measures in place to protect them and their patients.

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