Everything You Should Know About Infant Care

Everything You Should Know About Infant Care

Infants are not like other children. They are smaller human beings that crave a lot of attention. Learning how to care for an infant should, therefore, not solely rely on maternal instincts. You have to be intentional about learning different ways to offer the best care to your infant as early as possible.

Which Kids Should Be Considered Infants?

A child that is aged 0-5 years is considered an infant. Therefore, infant care covers the different things you do form your baby from the time of birth up until they are 5 years of age. It is why you must speak of newborn baby care when talking about Infant care. Thankfully, you do not need to be an expert in developmental care for children to raise a child. Parents are more than capable of caring for an infant. However, you must be intentional about it.

What Are Some of The Things You Must Implement for Infant Care?

The main areas of concern when caring for any infant are as follows:

  • Attention – you cannot attend to your infant too much. When your child cries, especially at the very early ages of infancy, your attention is necessary. Be sure to give your child attention not only when they are crying, but even when they are happy. With time, the crying will go down as your child begins to trust your response to him.

  • Sleep – is one of the most important things in human life, more so for an infant. Your child requires ample sleep for rest and growth. If you talk to a chiropractor near you about the health of your infant, you learn that sleep is an important part of the journey. One basic thing you must learn is to train your child on a bedtime routine. If you are not careful, your child will sleep a lot in the day and be up all night. Besides, there is such a thing as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. It is the time your child’s brain cells enable learning movements and thought patterns. The patterns will be the foundation for all your child’s learning, including touch, sight, smell, and hearing.

  • Immunization – there is a reason for having clinic appointments with your pediatrician. It is a chance for the doctor to observe the growth of your child regarding his health. It is also the point at which the immunization of your child is updated. This will help you boost the immune system of your baby against disease.

  • Feeding needs – food is necessary to fit growth and development. The first 6 months of your baby’s life are crucial. Your child must remain on breastmilk or formula milk. It is best to stretch this out until your child’s first birthday. However, you can initiate other forms of feeding after 6 months upon the advisory of a pediatrician.

  • Talking to your child – good communication is only possible when there is feedback. However, for this to happen, you must be active in talking to your baby even in times he doesn’t understand. This will encourage different responses until your baby can talk back.

  • Stimulate his senses – your child has different senses just like you. Stimulating them will improve learning and response. Play games with your infant to expose them to a different phenomenon. Introduce variety in color, shapes, and weights. Sing songs, play music and read books to your child.

  • Create room for roaming – when a child notices everyone moving around, he too will want to experience it. Allow your infant sufficient room to roam around. This can be through crawling, cruising, or even walking. Child-proof your house so that there is a boundary to how far your child can go.

What Are the Benefits of Infant Care?

The initial stages of your child’s life matter the most. They are the foundation of how your kid’s life will turn out. At this stage, any habit you reinforce will become part of their value system and belief. The benefits of infant care include the following:

  • Promotes bonding between you and your child.
  • Creates trust and relationship with your child at a young age.
  • Encourages learning through observation and socialization.

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