7 Common Sport Injuries

7 Common Sport Injuries

Aug 18, 2020

Although engaging in sports is fun, it heightens your chances of getting injuries. This is sad, but if games are your passion, a chiropractor may be able to hasten your recovery journey. Our clinic offers chiropractic services for personal injury. This article explores the common injuries you may get and how chiropractors near you may help.

  1. Strain and Sprains

The tearing of a tendon or muscle causes strains. Tendons are the link between bones and muscles, so pulling them too far may cause a strain. Commonly, the region at the back of your hamstring muscles is more likely to experience strains. When a strain occurs, you may experience swelling or spasms or temporary immobility in the muscle.

Sprains result from the tearing or excessive stretching of the ligaments. Ligaments connect bones, and so strains and sprains happen at the joints. It is common to experience sprains in your wrists and ankles. When you have sprained any of your joints, you may experience swelling or spasms and temporary immobility in the joint.

  1. Knee Injuries

Many athletes are likely to injure their knees: Runners experience runner’s knee- a tenderness at the areas surrounding their knee cap. Also, you may feel pain on the tendinitis and sides of the knee. A bruising to the bone or cartilage and ligament damage may severely injure the knee. There exist four main ligaments that support your knee. During sporting activities, all four can be damaged. Knee injuries can be attributed to twists or blows at your knee, failure to warm up, and excessive running.

  1. Swollen Muscles

There are muscles that upon swelling fill the fascia-a tough membrane in the body. Because of its rigid nature, the fascia is incapable of expanding. For these reasons, high pressure will be experienced in the blood vessels and nerves. Consequently, the muscle gets damaged. The resulting condition is referred to as compartment syndrome. It is a reaction to a one-time injury to your muscle after a series of blows in sports such as boxing.

  1. Achilles Tendon Injuries

The Achilles tendon is the one that connects the calf muscle and the heel. During sports, it is common to stretch or tear this tendon. Injuries to this tendon result from its overuse and irregular incorporation of stretching in your training routine.

  1. Shin Splints

This refers to pain along your tibia common among runners. The tibia is the bone located at the front of your lower leg. Shin splints are likely to occur during warming up or stretching. Other causes include overuse, exercising on hard surfaces, and wearing unsupportive shoes. If you have flat feet, you are more likely to experience shin splints.

  1. Dislocations

Dislocations occur when jointed bones are separated. This may result from engaging in high-impact and contact sports. The after-effects include intense pain and damage to the nerves. Our chiropractor in Shiloh, IL, will put it to its initial place and advise you to wear a sling until the swelling goes down. Rehabilitation therapy can be helpful after dislocation of your shoulder as it restores your strength and motion range.

  1. Fractures

A bone may give in to a blow or a series of them over time. Acute fractures result from a one-time injury and require emergency medical treatment. A stress fracture, on the other hand, is due to repetitive impact. The pain worsens when you place weight on the fractured part.

What Should You do if Injured?

If you experience an injury while on the field, you shouldn’t keep it down and wait for the game to end before seeking medical attention.

Treat your injury as an emergency if you are displaying any of these symptoms:

  • Severe pain, numbness or swelling
  • The inability of the affected part to bear weight
  • Increased pain, instability and swelling in an area that was previously injured

You can also use some common home remedies to treat minor sports injuries. TheRICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) method is just but one of the many remedies.

Experienced chiropractors can help you if you find yourself with any of these injuries. At Shiloh Chiropractic, we pride in offering advances diagnostic and treatment techniques that aid in the effective healing of your body. Come visit us for personal injury chiropractic treatment at our offices today.

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